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W+M Industrial Partners

 W+M Industrial Partners developed the HUB@202 project jointly with Wharton Equity Partners, a real estate-focused private equity firm located in New York City. The two firms and their principals have a collaborative business history that goes back nearly 35 years. Construction debt financing was provided by a syndicate led by MSD Partners out of New York City. A broker reception to celebrate the project and provide additional information is being held Wednesday at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix.

MV+ was drawn to the Mesa area because of its business-friendly political climate, affordability, well-educated local workforce and strategic access to the West Coast and rapidly-growing Southwest/Intermountain-West region, leading to a thriving, diversified local economy. Industry giants such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Boeing, Gulfstream, Virgin Galactic, Banner Health, Lucid, Nikola and Lowes, all have major facilities located in Mesa.

Aerial view at sunset of the illuminated entrance to the industrial warehouse space
Aerial view at sunset of the industrial warehouse space
The entrance sign to the industrial warehouse space "the Hub@202" in Mesa, AZ
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